Dear Reader,

Running a state-of-the-art dissident website such as The Rebel costs a lot of time and money, hundreds of hours of unpaid work and hundreds of dollars each month to be more specific. Sometimes I get 'free advice', along the lines of 'Have you considered this or that that cheaper option?'.

Unfortunately, a site as complex and feature-rich as The Rebel puts a lot of demands on the server, especially when it comes to RAM size, storage and processing power. Effectively, what I'm doing is run Youtube, Facebook, Skype and PressTV all on the same box. Only a top-of-the-range dedicated server will be able to cope. No matter who the hosting firm is, a server with the kind of grunt I need will put me back by anything from US$1,000 to US$1,500 per month. Given the politically sensitive nature of the site, my options are further limited.

The amount I've been paying since upgrading to the current 'dedicated enterprise server' in December 2013 is comparibly low. It only amounts to about 2/3 of my monthly website related costs. In addition to the basic web hosting fee there are things like domain name hosting, SSL service, various safety options plus annual and half-yearly license subscription fees for the software I'm using such as  the Facebook-like community software, the Youtube-like video hosting/streaming software, the Skype-like audio/video chat confencing and broadcasting software, the commenting and forum features, plus various site management tools I use on a daily basis. That's how I end up spending a minimum of $1,000 per month, quite a challenge, given the fact that I work 80-120 hours per week - unpaid of course - for my 'hobby' of running the Rebel Site.

Under these conditions, it's almost a miracle that the site has survived for as long as 10 years. It wouldn't have been possible without the generous financial support of my readers. Unfortunately, I can't always avoid putting a lot of not-so-subtle pressure on my readers and supporters to help me come up with the necessary funds. Given the fact that I have a young family, there is only so much money that I can divert from the humble family budget.

Financial and non-financial support

You can't have it both ways: whinge and whine about mainstream and fake alternative media, and not support the few truly independent media outlets like us. As an outspoken dissident news site without government or corporate sponsors, I rely heavily on the financial and non-financial contributions of our readers.If you ever had to manage a family or business budget, you would know that it is virtually impossible for me to perform any financial planning without knowing roughly how much money I am going to have available to spend. One way around this for me is through subscriptions. I tried changing the site to a subscription-based model, with the result that my reader numbers dropped to under 10% of what they were before, not exactly the result I was after. I also tried advertising, but GoogleAds didn't like what I am doing, nor did other potential advertisers. They are all too brainwashed by or afraid of Jew know who.

How to donate

What I really need is a large enough percentage of my readers to subscribe voluntarily or donate casually using the form underneath the boxing kangaroo on the top right side of most pages.Payments via PayPal reach me the quickest, even if you don't have a PayPal account. All you need is a credit/debit card or bank account for PayPal to take the money out.Alternatively, you can mail your cheque or cash donations to the following address:

John de Nugent
C/O Rebel of Oz
306 S. Steel Street
Ontanagon MI 49953
United States of American

IMPORTANT: Please make the cheque out to 'John de Nugent'. He will forward the funds once they have cleared.

If you send cash, please make sure you wrap it in aluminium foil. I've been told that this makes it less detectable by thieves.

Informal volunteering

Those of our readers who - like me - are struggling to make ends meet and are too busy to take on a formal volunteer role, can still support me by helping me find new readers. Mention The Rebel to your friends. Link to my site and articles from the comment sections of news sites and blogs. I am equally interested in links from social media sites such as Reddit, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. And I love to have the Rebel Site mentioned and linked to on any popular forum where people discuss topics covered on the Rebel Site.

Formal volunteering

I am also currently looking for volunteers (part and full time) for the following roles:

  • Political Editors 
    - select news & analysis items for publishing on the Rebel Site
    - proof-read and edit selected news & analysis items
    - time requirement: (20+ hours / week)
  • Translators (French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Persian, Russian, Chinese)
    - translate English news & analysis items published on the Rebel Site into LOTE to make site multi-lingual
    - translate LOTE news & analysis items from other sites into English for publication on the Rebel Site
    - time requirement: (5+ hours / week)
  • Investigative Journalists
    - research and write articles and essays on topics related to the focus areas of the Rebel Site
    - time requirement: (20+ hours / week)
  • Research Fellows
    - design and manage one or more Rebel Institute for New World Order Studies courses
    - design and manage curriculum(s)
    - design and manage course material(s)
    - time requirement: (20+ hours / week)
  • Assistant Research Fellows
    - research and prepare materials to be used in the course units in collaboration with the research fellow in charge of the course unit
    - time requirement: (20+ hours / week)
  • Cartoonist (Graphic Arts)
    - prepare cartoons for use in items used on the Rebel Site
    - time requirement: (5+ hours / week)
  • Video Producer
    - manage production of videos to be used on our video channels and on the Rebel Video section
    - time requirement: (20+ hours / week)
  • Video Editor
    - edit videos to be used on our video channels and on the Rebel Video section
    - time requirement: (20+ hours / week)
  • Cartoonist (Video)
    - prepare cartoon video clips to be used on our video channels and on the Rebel Video section
    - time requirement: (5+ hours / week)
  • Volunteer Manager
    - design and manage a volunteer programme for the Rebel Media Group
    - recruit and train volunteers
    - time requirement: (20+ hours / week)
  • Membership/Subscription Manager- time requirement: (20+ hours / week)
  • Fundraiser
    - time requirement: (10+ hours / week)
  • Advertising Manager- time requirement: (10+ hours / week)

For obvious reasons, some of above roles require substantial time and effort. However I am committed to doing my utmost to assist our volunteers in balancing their volunteering activities with other committments such as work and family.Our volunteers enjoy the following benefits :

  • Being part of a network of volunteers from around the world.
  • Work experience in an online news media organisation.
  • The satisfaction of pioneering a new generation of news media, free of government and corporate influences.
  • Making this world a better place by spreading truth.

If you would like to join the Rebel Team as a volunteer, please email your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note that I have a strict "Jew-free" policy with regards to volunteers. I literally require them to burn the Zionist flag and urinate on both Elie Wiesel's fraudulent pseudo-biography "Night" and the mother of all hate literature, the Babylonian Talmud. This is not to say that there are no decent Jews; there are quite a few. I just can't take the risk.

Yours sincerely,

Rebel of Oz
The Rebel - Home of the Global Resistance against Jewish World Domination

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Dear Reader,

Each month, I spend over thousand USD and hundreds of unpaid hours to provide this feisty site and its sister sites,,, and to hundreds of thousand unique readers from around the world, tens of thousand per day. This is only possible for as long as my readers help me wear the costs.

All I need is that 0.05% of my readers sign up for a US$10/month subscription or casually donate - every so often - an equivalent amount. So far I have 19 subscribers. I need at least 81 more. Be one of them.

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