There is serious fighting going on as 43 different national militaries begin a coordinated take-down of the Khazarian mafia, Pentagon sources say. Meanwhile, a source in one of the families that owns the Federal Reserve Board says that all fund “blockages we are experiencing in the USA are due to the Bush/Clinton & Rothchilds & Rockefeller crime families. We were told that they issued a firm threat that the ‘entire family’ would be killed of ANYONE who releases or receives any of the RV, redemption bonds or currency exchanges funds.”


We all know that Israel did 911, supporting Israel is treason.  It is time to wake up realize that all who still support Israel are guilty of aiding and abetting the enemy.  Israel is the enemy, Israel did 911 and it is Israel that hates our freedoms.  Damn Israel.  It's time to say outloud damn Israel to hell!  If you have one red blood cell left, if you are still a human being, a person with lifeforce than you need to damn the Jewish race and what they've done to America!


Do you understand what these Jews are trying to do to us?  Do you understand the significance of the 911 attack?  How about the attack on USS Liberty?  They are attacking our freedom, they are attacking our liberty, they are attacking our way of life.  They are attacking our lifeforce, they are attacking what we are, divine beings and trying to drag us down into the lowest rung of hell, the ultra low vibration of Jewish supremacism.


Jews and Christians allied to Israel represent an existential threat to America and all European nations, Jews are a deadly threat to the whole world and every living thing that breathes.  It is time to say it, supporting Israel is treason, supporting Israel in any way is aiding and abetting a terrorist state.  Israel is the world’s only terrorist nation, it is Israel doing the false flag terror, it is Israel trying to take American guns away from us.


To make matters worse, 70 million Evangelical Christians in America are in love with Israel.  This is insanity, this is suicide, this is treason.  The post 911 free ride is over, supporting Israel is now treason Christian!  If you stand with Israel, you hang with Israel.  If you defend Israeli terrorism you are in on it with them and you will be treated as a terrorist sympathizer.


Hiding behind your faith doesn’t cut it, supporting Israel is just plain evil.  All Christians who still support Israel must report to Camp FEMA for re-indoctrination.    The Jew is evil and wrote your so-called holy book, it is holy hell  Jew holy book is evil. Time to be un-spelled.  Time to take the Christians to the woodshed for an attitude adjustment.


America supplies arms, aircraft, bombs, money to Israel.  That is suicidal and insane.  Israel hates us, Israel wants us dead, the Jew doesn’t like us - he hates us, he hates our freedoms.  The Jew is doing everything he can to destroy us.  911 is proof of Jewish intentions.  The attack on the USS Liberty is proof of Jewish intentions, how much more proof do you need to understand Jewish treachery?


The aftermath of what happened to us after 911 closes the case, Israel is trying to destroy us by getting us in ruinatious wars.  This is no joke, America is now bankrupt.  Osama bin Laden didn’t do this to us, he could not have destroyed our finances or freedoms.  Israel did it – Netanyahu is the key player behind the attack on our liberty.  Netanyahu is the primary threat to America, it is time to drone this son-of-a-bitch and take him out.

The greatest evil on this planet is the state, the organization claiming sovereignty over a geographical area.  As Jews take control of all the nation states, the true nature of monopoly power is laid bare.  The state is a killer, a Jewish run state is a mega-killer, America is in a non stop War of Terror on Jewish enemies, patriotism is being misdirected toward hatred of Muslims, in this time America’s foreign policy is Jewish hate wrapped in a flag.

fuck Jew run america

Those playing along are doing great harm to the outside world and to the home nation.  The Jews are waging war not just on Muslims, but also on Americans and their traditional institutions.  The entire order is being overturned in the chaos, a hateful Jewish World Order is arising, and this trend must be stopped before the Jews can launch a Bolshevik style purge on the homeland.

Amerika has on the highway to hell ever since the creation of the nation, robber barrons soon controlled the politicians, then the banker coup of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, we lost control of our destiny.  With some small respites of freedom and liberty, American history is almost non-stop war and we have reached our destination – nonstop Jewish tyranny an endless War of Terror on everything, complete destruction of Western civilization.


America fell from within, her initial mistake was to let Jews in, all Jews work as agents of their state, and with the help of the Zionist Christians, Jewry took over.  Now America is police state Amerika, a nation infested with traitors, a nation infested with Jews and Zionist Christians.  Drastic action is now required to remove the parasite.

Jew agenda of world domination

Amerika, the monster police state, is on a killing spree, using 911 as justification to attack the whole world.  The wars are sold on the Jewtube – Jews control the elected representatives, Jews control the media, Jews control the Federal Reserve, Jews control the courts and the legal system, Jews control the Pentacon.  As a result of this absolute Jewish control, all news is a lie, mass murder like 911 is covered up, wars are started on lies.

Americans are considered terrorists, patriotic gun owners are attacked, police are now killings us routinely – cops trained in Israel and we all go to church and sing praises to the Jew god for allowing us to breath another day.  America is literally insane.  Jews must be rounded up and killed, the charge – treason, terror, murder, theft.  Those little demon helpers, the Zionist Christian preachers must be arrested for aiding and abetting Jewish terrorists!

There is no movement to reverse the current trajectory, the world is careening into the abyss.  Witness the destruction of the human race as the monster state runs its course.   What no one knows is that the real culprit is religion which sold authority via the god meme.  Everyone loves ‘god’, unfortunately they love the Jewish version of god.  This Jew god is an asshole, he is just like the Jew because the Jew god is the Jew.  The biggest mystery of god now unveiled, god was our grand delusion, sold to us like a bag of potato chips.


There is no separating the political reality in Amerika from the dominant myth, that is the reason we must examine our beliefs.  We bought hate because we resonated with hate.  We experienced hell for worshipping the Jewish version of god.  Why the hell do we worship hell?  Hate.  It is foolish to worship the Jew as god, it is foolish to think the Bible is true.  The Bible is now exposed as a Jewish propaganda document, unfortunately most of the sheep are still caught in the spell.  The Gospel is a God Spell!

Most people support and the defend the government, many get a check, the idea of not supporting or having a state is alien.  They are mistaken, the state is run by psychopathic criminals, and those at the top who are the worst are usually Jewish.  The state is being organized around the Jewish long term plan of total supremacy and extermination of dissenters.


Government.  Is it governing or is it acting in it’s own selfish Jewish interest?   What is the state of American statism?  Why are Jews masters of statecraft and tyranny?  Why the hell do we tolerate the Jew?  What the hell is wrong with us?  Look in the mirror!  What damn book does the typical America consider dear?  The Jewish written Bible.  America is dying because of this book, the situation is grave, and we must deal with the reality of belief interwoven into politics.

end of monotheism

Freedom is seriously threatened at this juncture, will the light of liberty be extinguished in this century.  It looks so.  There is no reason not to expect a huge Jewish crackdown on America no different than the Bolshevik Revolution a century ago, Jews like to repeat their crimes, lacking creativity.

Americans are dying in Jew wars, Americans are being executed by cops trained in Israel, Americans are being poisoned from the Israel false flag Fukushima, and looking at what they are preparing for us, how many Americans are going to die in the Bolshevik style crackdown in Gulag Amerika?

flag coffings boy looking for daddy

A 100 million might be a conservative estimate looking at what the Jew did to Russia last century.  America must pay for its crimes, and the Jew is only so happy to oblige.  First the Jew corrupts you then executes you for what you did for him.  Ain’t Jews swell?  Aren’t you happy you live in the Jew hell called Amerika?  You are living in the belly of the beast, you are being digested by Jewry.

The solution is easy, get rid of Jews.  I prefer to gun them down.  Just get rid of them by any means at disposal, a pipe, a rock, a rope.  Hang ’em high say I.  The preachers need to be rounded up and put into re-education camps.  Give them a chance to change their minds or keep them locked up.  We need to start treating the Bible memetic virus just like a biological plagues because the results are the same!


Don’t forget turn off the Jew media and get your information from the internet.  The government needs your consent, don’t give it to them, they are criminals serving hell.  They manufacture consent with their ownership of the media.  Turn them off and think about what you can do to rid the nation of the Jewish infestation.

tell_lie_vision jewtube

The solution to the problem is theoretically simple.  End Jewish rule, ban Jews from state, bomb Israel back to the stone age.  What’s fair is fair, Jews did 911, Jews bankrupted America and killed her sons.  It’s time for payback, it’s time to end this evil thing called Israel.  Someday, reason and freedom will assert itself over the insanity of Jewish despotism.  Following instructions of Jews is the recipe for disaster, how do you like Amerika, America?

B-52's launched to bomb Israel

America should bomb Israel for 911, for the Federal Reserve, for Sandy Hook, for Fukushima.  Bomb Israel is the solution to the AIPAC problem, bomb Israel and say hallelujah.  Send the mother fucking Jews back to hell because we don’t want them here!

So what are we going to do people?  We are going to take Israel out!   We are going to nuke that shitty little sandbox back to hell.   We should have done it immediately after 911, but we are ruled by pussies and cowards, and whores of Israel.  It is time for the USAF to put bombers over Tel Aviv and turn the Jew capitol city into rubble.


Jeremy Corbyn of MI5? Mirror. UK member of ParliamentKEITH VAZ is being protected by Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the UK's Labour Party? Natalie Rowe tweets: "Disgraced KeithVaz has joined the UK Parliament's Justice Committee "No Labour MP opposed it. "He must have dirt on a few? " dailymail - No wonder he's called Mr Vazeline

I assume I am not the only one who finds the current US electionextremely depressing. The simple lack of fair play and honesty on thepart of the Zionist Establishment and media are a harbinger of dark timesahead if Hillary wins. I am reposting this popular article about coping inhard times.

Trump and unknown woman. Donald Trump allegedly used to host parties involving cocaine, sex and models as young as 15. The parties were held at one of his Manhattan hotels. "Trump was in and out. He'd wander off with a couple girls. "I saw him. He was getting laid like crazy. Trump was at the heart of it. He loved the attention and in private, he was a total f.
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