]]>Tomorrow, Nov 24 2009, is the seventh anniversary of the death of the gifted and courageous anti-NW0crusader Philip Jones. During the last months of his life, Jones' confidedinL.C. Vincenthis suspicions that he had been poisoned."With the clarity of hindsight, Philip realized that he had been set up and ensnared in the classic "honey trap", except modern technology had added the wrinkle of a mind controlled femme fatale into the mix.

(David Remnick, the editor of the NewYorker with Obama)"Trump seemed like a twisted caricature of every rotten reflex of the radical right."The liberal media so demonized Donald Trump that liberals went into shock whenhe won. David Remnick characterizes Trump's victory as "an American tragedy.

Recently I met a man called Bob who had had an out of body experience. Bob, as a youth, was big and strong. While at school, Bob encountered a Catholic priest who had been physicaly and sexually abusing a fellow pupil. Bob beat the priest up. The priest developed Alzheimer's disease. Bob told the priest that he hoped he would die in agony.

Ivanka's Triad Claw hand sign signals that her family is partof an ancientsatanic conspiracy.No doubt this will revealitself in the future.In the meantime, we must content ourselfwith information such as below.For a change of pace, a gossipyarticle from The NewYorker (Aug. 22, 2016)provides someinsight into the new first family.

.. There is a belief that both the 'left' and the 'right' are controlled by certain clever Jewish folks, and, that the script for the 2016 presidential election has been written by certain clever Jewish folks. Samuel Jared Taylor is said to have created the 'alt-right', the people who support Donald Trump. Taylor was born to Christian missionary parents in Japan. He graduated from Yale University, where he may or may not have been recruited by the CIA or by Mossad.
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