It was the final nail in the coffin of hope, at least for this election. Millions of people aghast at the behavior of the United States in recent years have been holding their breath in the tenuous hope that Donald Trump could win the election, become president, and rescue America from the clutches of the murderous neocons that his opponent Hillary Clinton so disgustingly represents in her uniquely corrupt fashion. But when Mike Pence, Trump’s vice presidential candidate, came out yesterday and said former VP Dick Cheney was his role model as vice president, well, then we all learned that Donald Trump’s candidacy was not really an alternative to the insane policies of an Israeli controlled White House, and that fears Hillary Clinton would start World War III also very much apply to Donald Trump.

Because they own the media, we almost never hear a bad word about them. In our mainstream media, answers to all our important questions are always inconclusive. Patsies are convicted of contrived offenses, but the real criminals go free. The real criminals are running the show, laughing at the suckers who through their ignorance allow them to plunder the world. This is why it’s important to know the elephant exists, that elephant in your living room that makes everything you think, feel and say subject to observation, sanction and sudden termination with prejudice if you run afoul of the powers that be, as so many do.

A certain degree of heroism infuses the people who challenge the government’s lies. So when two of the brightest luminaries in the quest for truth beyond the poisoned mainstream disfigure what so many honest people have tried to reveal to the comatose populace, the longshot effort that we can rescue the suicidal course of human society becomes that much more unlikely.

This is how they built up the war in Iraq. A continuing series of lies, each more bold than the last. No one really believed them but everyone accepted them because all the authority figures said they were true. Still staggering from the psychic wound of 9/11, the public was once again misled by the people it aimed to trust the most, its leaders, and its senior strategists who all said we needed to go to war. The ulterior motive, now well known, was to steal Iraq’s oil and blame Saddam for a terror attack that the U.S. designed and caused itself.

This is precisely what is happening in the United States today, the same as what happened to all those other countries before the swindling of the Jews had turned all these distinctive nation states into near cadaver gray wraiths of corporate duplicity eager to sacrifice the Earth itself for their year-end bonuses.

Show me what you really believe, and how you think the world should be run. Do you think rich politicians should be able to break the law and get away with it? How can an intelligent person like yourself tolerate the corrupt way this world is run?

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