On 25 September 2016, Donald Trump met Netanyahu at Trump Tower in New York. Donald Trump is now opposed to a two-state solution, which means that Israel can have its Greater Israel. Trump does not want an independent Palestine. At the meeting, Trump acknowledged that Jerusalem has been the eternal capital of the Jewish People for over 3,000 years. At the meeting, Trump pledged to develop "extraordinary strategic, technological, military and intelligence cooperation between the USA and Israel" if elected president.

Before the US-NATO Sponsored Dirty War, Syria was an Oasis of Civilization, a Secular Pluralist Nation Libya War Was Based on Lies, Bogus Intelligence, NATO Supported and Armed the Rebels. British Parliamentary Report Beijing’s 'Pivot to the Middle East': China Joins Russia in Syria, Shaping New “Anti-Terrorist Alliance” Against Washington? Voices from Syria: “The US-Supported Terrorists Control Occupied Territories with Unspeakable Barbarism”


Most people are not aware that we are in the middle of the prophesied Apocalypse, thinking it may lie in the immediate future or not happen at all.  The Apocalypse is our ultimate fantasy brought to life, we are in the middle of it right now but deny that we have anything to do with it.  How can we be in the Apocalypse and not even know it let alone be unable to identify the players?  What is the beast, what is the fearsome thing we've unleashed upon ourselves?


What almost all do not realize is that we are creating this end times event with our beliefs, that the Apocalypse is not inevitable prophecy but a creation of group thought.  Such an idea is a heresy to the mainstream religion which has taught that humans are governed by gods who have authority and power over us.  The Apocalypse is the unveiling of this myth, it is the realization at the end of history that we create our reality because the creative force is not with the external authority but within us.

The Apocalypse is the end times unveiling that our cultural myths have blinded us to our creative power, that we are responsible for our creative potential, that our myths were written by the priest class with the specific intention of disempowering us so that they could attain political power.  During the Apocalypse we find out that no one has any authority over another, and that state institutions that consolidate power based on these myths is a deadly delusion - the end times beast of Revelation is the state itself created by belief in this extra-dimensional external authority commonly believed to be god.


At the center of this controversy is Israel, which is efficiently using the state apparatus to genocide the native Palestinians, organizing ISIS to wage hellish war on neighboring Arab nations, and it is able to do this because the Jews own the myth;  they wrote the Holy Bible claiming divine chosen status amongst all other nations.  We are now in the middle of the Apocalypse and the omnipotent god-like state is now openly killing us with impunity.  Police are being trained in Israel to kill citizens, Americans are being treated as cattle, they are being herded and killed by the holy chosen ones.

This unique holy status allows Jews to manipulate the Christian nations into war against their enemies, they even control much of the United States foreign policy even though they were the prime player in the 9-11-2001 World Trade Center attack.  America should be bombing Israel off the map, but instead the nation is committing suicide by protecting the very evil that is destroying us. Christians are completely unable to challenge the authors of their holy book, like Zombies they willfully march to their deaths in these Israeli contrived wars based on the 911 deception.


America is the nation being manipulated beyond belief, Christians have abandoned the New Testament teachings of compassion and love and have embraced the brutality of the Zionist state, they’ve become the apostate religion of their own end times prophecy!  Unable to intellectually challenge the Jews, Christians and their host nations are being driven to ruin without one peep of protest from any mainstream preachers.  They have given up their right to life to the gods of destruction, the apostate Christian church has gone all in with Israel in a self-destructive death spiral. 


These death cult zombies are driving America into a nuclear war with Russia.  Russia suffers no illusions about us or our whoreish allegiance to Israel and the Rothschild banking system, Russia has been invaded again and again by the West and is on high nuclear alert while we play in the Middle East sandbox like little children unaware of the angry bear approaching.

The Apocalypse is now, it is being created by us right now because of our evil ideas about god.  God is not what we think, he isn't giving us rules or demanding our allegiance because of his authority.  These very statist religious ideals are creations of the priest who gained political power by writing authoritarian myth.  We need to realize that, and see that the beast is man made system of state authority.  The creative force of the Universe is not needy and demanding animal or human sacrifice.  The Universe, Nature, or God doesn't give a hoot if we get it wrong or wipe ourselves out.


Licio Gelli of Italy's P2 masonic lodge Who may have staged the Charlotte riots? It can be argued that Hillary Clinton is being supported by the more subtle members of the Deep State, whereas Donald Trump is being supported by the wilder members of theDeep state. Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign is being endorsed by: Paul Wolfowitz and Jimmy Carter. Dick Cheney. A list of Donald Trump presidential campaign endorsements, 2016 includes the names of:

(left, not Jon)"Jon," a Canadian who had to live in his car for a yearrecounts how the experience hardened him.He wonders why Canada imports refugees and ignoresits ownhomeless, especially if they are white men.by "Jon"(henrymakow.com)What bothered me more than living in the car was the absolute lack of concern, compassion, care, from society.

(left, not Jon)"Jon," a Canadian who lived in his car for a year,recounts how the experience hardened him.He wonders why Canada imports refugees and ignoresits ownhomeless, especially if they are white men."Dec 25 2012. I woke up to the rain, crying, sitting in the front seat of my car next to a park.
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