imagine-peace imagine the world without jews yukon jack poem

Do you want a better world?  Imagine a world free from the insane Judeo religions, without Judaism there would be no angry Muslims trying to survive bombing raids, without Jews there would be no hate filled religions countering Jewish supremacy, we wouldn't be awaiting end times or savior gods,


no one would of printed the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, we wouldn’t be looking in the Bible for truth,there would be no Mormons or Joseph Smith, or children going on two year missions, neither would there be gold plates or September Dawn, or Salem witch trials and new world genocides,there’d be no Pat Robertson, 700 Club, no TV evangelists or Christian Zionist loving Israel and ignoring the agony of Palestine,

and there wouldn't be no John Hagee and Christians United For Israel - they wouldn’t exist without the Jewish Zionist death cult spurring them and their god hate on,


without Jews, dazed Americans wouldn’t be willing to have their kids slaughtered in foreign wars for the profiteering and warmongering Jewish led Neoconservative movement,

without Jews there could be no Communists, Bolsheviks, no concrete walls in Palestine, no Zionist killing Palestinians in the bombed out holy land, no check points or children harvested for organs,

there’d be no pilgrimages to the Holy Land, or looking for god in a stone wall, no final battle to end Jew evil at  Armageddon,


there would have been no slave ships, no extermination of the native Americans, the continent would not be raped, GMOed, Monasantoed, water polluted from coast to coast, or become an American industrial J.P. Morgan hellhole,

without Jews the earth would be considered holy, not a place to exploit for profit, not a gift from a imagined god given only to the Jew,

there would be no abomination state of Is-a-hell, no Balfour Declaration, no World War 1, no declaring war on Germany by world Jewry, no concentration work camps, no fake Holocausts, no endless defamation of Germany and endless monetary extortion for imagined victims,

without Jews the bombing of the USS Liberty wouldn’t have happened, no Waco or Ruby Ridge and FBI chief wouldn’t of been a Jew, no Sandy Hook, no Boston Bombing or upcoming nuclear false flag,

without Jews there would be no Jehovah Witnesses knocking on the door, or 'end times' street preachers yelling we’re doomed, without Jews millions wouldn't be hoping for an Apocalypse right now, and millions of people wouldn't be wasting their lives studying the Bible hoping to understand what god meant by that verse,

jehovah witnesses celebrate the end of the world

without Jews, the Pentagon wouldn’t bribe Hollywood to make propaganda films like Pearl Harbor or Black Hawk Down, Zionist Jews would be making endless Hollywood Holocaust propaganda movies like Schindler's List,

without Jews, there would be no synagogues, or temples for ritual sacrifices, or red cows killed to appease the angry sky god, and many a chicken wouldn't have it's neck twirled in a Jewish slaughter ritual,

without Jews there would be no AIPAC lobby buying off The Congress, no JINSA, no traitorous Uncle Joe Lieberman, no dual citizen czars, or a President without a valid birth certificate, and thousands of woman and children would still be alive and not blown to bits by Predator Drones firing Hellfire missiles just so a handful of power mad Jews could take over the world,


without Jews, their would be no plot to overthrow the United States by Israel, 9112001 would not have happened, there’d be no War of Terror, no Middle East Wars, no depleted uranium spread across the land, no deformed babies,

without Jews there would be no Pope wearing a big phallic shaped mitre, we wouldn't want to mutilate the penis as a covenant with god, Rabbis wouldn't be chewing off the the foreskin of infants, and their be no female genital mutilation by ancient scripture following practitioners,

without Jews there would have been no illegal extraditions, no torturing prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, no violations of the Geneva Convention, and the rule of law would still honor all equally,

without Jews Fukushima would of never happened, the Pacific Ocean wouldn't be radiologically contaminated, and Starkissed Tuna wouldn't glow in the can,

IRAN JAPAN_mossad_sabotage

without Jews the world wouldn’t be a carved up for exploitation, the world bankers wouldn’t be all Jews, we wouldn’t be reading about the Jew crooks on Wall Street or awaiting in anticipation of the next stock market crash,

without Jews there would be no Agenda 21, no NAFTA, no World Bank, no IMF, no subversion of the Constitution for the Jew bankers, and no planned austerity and genocide of American citizens with hollow point ammo,

without these crazy Jews there'd be no Global Warming myth, no carbon taxes, no attack on the coal industry, Al Gore wouldn't have gotten the Nobel Peace Prize, and we wouldn't be shutting down coal fired plants just before the arrival of a new Ice Age,

without Jews, there would be no paid Jew radio protagonists like Michael Weiner or his vision of a Savage Nation, or goyim stooges foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs at imagined enemies, splitting the nation along ever division,


Alex Jones wouldn’t be talking about globalists and offshore banks, David Icke wouldn’t be writing about reptilian shapeshifters, we wouldn’t be chasing the shadows of the beast and nor would we tiptoe around Jewish subversion afraid of being labeled antisemitic,

without the predatory Jewish financial class there wouldn't be debt based money, no inflation, no wild real estate, commodity, or stock speculations; houses would be homes and not speculative inflation hedges, without those greedy social engineering Jews we wouldn't have to pay property tax on a house we built for ourselves,


without Jews there would be no Jew owned banks, no inflation, no loaves of leavened bread that cost $6.66,

without Jews there would be no monetary bubbles, and no economic crashes, no FEMA camps, and no upcoming Homeland Security terror organized by rabid Jewish czars,

without the Jews, we wouldn’t butcher nature, clear cut whole forests to pay debt with interest, we wouldn’t need JP Morgan EBT cards to buy food, or pay hundreds of thousands of “dollars” for “homes” we could build nice earth friendly homes of naturally available materials outside of the Jewish legal codes,

without the parasitic Jews, America wouldn’t be a bankrupt, exploited, and destroyed country with confused and terrorized citizens,


Without Jews we would be happy productive people, living in peace and harmony.

I can imagine a world without Jews, how about you?




We are in the middle of the Apocalypse, as we approach the end of the sequence of events, the final crescendo, doomsday looms in our immediate future.  The Countdown to Doomsday is ticking, every second we are closer to midnight on the nuclear clock.  America has been tranceformed into the police state Amerika, one of the sequential events on the road to nuclear Armageddon.


Time traveler John Titor’s nuclear war prediction seems to be coming true, although a few years late.  On his world timeline he said that Russia nuked America in March of 2015.  That didn't happen on our timeline, but the sixteen year old prophecy is uncanny because in 2000 Russia was an investment darling, now in 2016 the hostility toward Russia is part of the Presidential campaign.

Zionist Jews are fomenting Apocalyptic war in Syria and the loser Jewish bully is trying to escalate the situation into WW3.  Like mad dogs, the Israelis are frothing at the mouth with their ISIS proxy army; beheading whole villages makes a Jewish day complete.  A whole lot of people are being killed and it is all coming from Tel Aviv and it's whore Washington D.C., the stated Zionist controlled city that gets destroyed according to John Titor.


In 2000, a purported time traveler said would be nuclear war between the Jew enemy and Russia in the near future.  The reason this is important is that John Titor has never been debunked and much of what he said has come true, and now we see the propaganda machine in high gear cranking out anti-Russian propaganda as the central bankers push for WW3 in a last desperate act of trying to save the system.

Interest rates are scrapping along the zero line, the society is totally indebted and the demand for credit is waning, as a result natural market forces are trying to liquidate debt, but the Jew won't let that happen, so the Jew turns up the printing press and floods the market with free credit.  The desperate Fed is trying to steer between hyperinflation and the implosion of deflation.  The other thing the Jew does in a depression is attack, attack anyone or anything blocking it's credit dominance.


At the same time the Jew tries a hail Mary pass, arming Ukraine and Syria  and starting up another world war, this time against Russia.  But Russia wants nothing to do with empire expansion, all Russia has to do is say NO and the entire Jew scheme of bank credit will come tumbling down.  Putin said NO to the Jewish takeover of Syria, and that ended the Jewish expansion, that ended the Greater Israel project, that ended the credit worthiness of the west.

With the Jewish controlled Congress voting to arm ISIS, and Putin making a strong entry into Syria last year, the flames of war are being stoked to ever higher levels.  The USA and Russia will eventually be forced into combat of arms, neither willing to back down.  It seems John Titor's prediction of nuclear war on is coming true, just two years late.  That prediction was made 16 years ago when Russia was our friend and trading partner, but now everything has changed.  How did John Titor know our future if he wasn't a time traveler?


The spoiled fat Jew boys at the New York Times screams profanities at Putin, as if Putin was the new devil, the new Hitler.  How dare he resist the godly Jew!  We can only pray and hope the Putin puts the A-bomb right down the throat of Jew financial central.  One bomb solves the world's credit problem.  One well aimed missile takes out the the Rothschilds.

Most people will ignore John Titor's prediction, most people live in cities and will not entertain the idea of nuclear war.  Most people choose to worship a fictional Jewish savior god - who does not exist and can not save them.  Pretending that some god cares about you is insanity, the fossil record says otherwise, 99% of the species have gone extinct.  Human extinction looms because of long held myths.


Christians are fooled into thinking they are worshipping the Lord.  But who is the "Lord"?  God?  Jesus?  Not a chance.  God is a meme and Jesus never was.  So who are you actually worshipping dear Christian?  Rothschild.  Rothschild is the real overlord of the banking system and you Christian are part and parcel part of that system.  The Christian dupes work to convert people - to the Jewish based faith, they work tirelessly to enslave their fellow man.  Christians are Jewish converts to the slave system, the myth has failed, Jesus is a fictional character in a fictional sun god narrative who will not and can not return.

All have been left behind to experience the Tribulation, the fantasy of being taken away in a magical Rapture is the ultimate delusion of so many Christians - who, by the way, vote for insane politicians who are making prophecy come true.  Prophecy isn't real until we made it real, Christians are actually trying to take the world down to convince the world of their faith.  As things get worse and worse, a self fulfilling feed back loop has convinced Evangelicals that their prophecy has merit, but it is not true, Revelation was written by the Roman Caesars after the fact.

Accordingly, the woman sits on the seven-headed beast as a symbol of her "seven hills" -- the seven hills of Rome. The woman is the city of Roman, here depicted as the persecutor of Christians. Then it says that the seven heads are also seven kings. And we can read from its cryptic terminology the references to the Emperors of Rome. The "five fallen" refer to the five emperors who have died: Augustus (29 BCE - 14 CE), Tiberius (14-37 CE), Gaius (37-41), Claudius (41-54) and Nero (54-68). "One has a wound" refers to the emperor Nero, who died in 68, but whom conftemporary legend had it would return from the dead to continue persecuting the Christians. Thus, the beast has a head that has recovered from a mortal wound. The head "who is" refers to Vespasian (69-79) and the one that is "not yet" refers to Titus(79-81). The head that "was but is not" refers to an eighth emperor, Domitian. From this we can also see that the work looks at this history as if it were being written while Vespasian was still alive, and thus "forecasting" what terrible things would occur under Domitian only a few years later. This technique is common in apocalyptic literature, and Revelation was probably written sometime during the early 90's, when Domitian was emperor, or perhaps even after the death of Domitian in 96 CE. By portraying the Emperor and his provincial authorities as "beasts" and henchmen of the dragon, Satan, the author was calling on Christians to refuse to take part in the imperial cult, even at the risk of martyrdom.


What a terrible tragedy for the world because the foolish Evangelical literalists think Revelation is about our time when it is actually encoded Roman history.  Hal Lindsey and Tim LaHaye are damned for teaching it as Bible truth, having convinced millions upon millions of undereducated believers that prophecy is coming true.  Not a chance.  Evangelicals have allied themselves with the demonic Israelis and now doomsday is fast approaching because of this match made in hell.

In reality, Christians are really deeply depressed individuals, bewildered and confused, unable to understand that they are slaves on a prison planet.  Earth is a gulag, and church is the temple of in their mind, a place they laid their mind to rest so that they didn't have to think about their dire predicament.  If you don't care for church then you can take any number of mind altering drugs the Jew is only so happy to sell you.  Americans are either on the Jesus dope or the big pharma dope


Few people can handle the truth.  Jesus can't save you, Christianity is only a mass delusion, part of the power structure run by the evil Rothschild family.  When Rome wrote the New Testament, the Caesar cast himself as the savior says Joseph Atwill in his best seller Caesar's Messiah.  But the Jew Rothschild took over the Roman system and enslaved all, now Rothschild is the real Lord and all your worship energy goes to HIM and his fake money system that teeters on collapse.

If the inevitable happens, if the bomb ends the Rothschild Central Bank System;  then the banks, the national government, food stamps, social checks, etc., will instantly end.  That would be the moment in time in which the system you depend on ceases to exist.  Are you ready?  Are you ready to manage yourself and not be the Goy toy of the Jew?  Freedom.  With freedom you must think for yourself and no longer be the stupid sheep.

are you ready for the end of the system

The cause of the complete destruction of our civilization is well known.  Jews.  Bank credit.  Religion.  The Jew system of bank credit has reached its logical end - the total destruction of everything.  This should be of no surprise, the Jew is completely insane, his economic ideas of total control will only result in destruction because humans are free and never will submit to tyranny of the Jew.


In 1860, the Democrats strength was in the Southern States. Between 1860 and the early 1930s, the Republican Party was seen as being the 'liberal, progressive' party. It had its main strength in the North of the USA. In the 19th Century, the Democrat Party was the 'racist', conservative party. William Henry Seward William Henry Seward, Republican United States Secretary of State from 1861 to 1869, described the Southern States as being backward.

Where have I seen this before?Hitler was false opposition andI am afraid Trump is too.But false opposition is betterthannone at Henry Makow Ph.D.I believe Donald Trump will win the Presidential election November 8.However, as I will explain later, I am hesitant to think that his victory will be a setback for the New World Order.

Where have I seen this before?Hitler was false opposition andI am afraid Trump is too.But false opposition is betterthannone at Henry Makow Ph.D.I believe Donald Trump will win the Presidential election November 8.However, as I will explain later, I am hesitant to think that his victory will be a setback for the New World Order.
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