These SEK are a kind of state-police SWAT team. They pushed into this individual's apartment in Halberstadt, Saxony-Anhalt, they put a pistol to his head, and yelled: "Get on the floor -- or you are dead." They did not like my website "MzW," which he had owned in 2014 ("Mut zur Wahrheit -Widerstand" = "Courage for Truth-Resistance")

... The ideas of Jesus are important. Jesus talked about a person having a spirit. Jesus said that Heaven is within you. Jesus said that anyone who has faith will be able to do the 'miracles' that he did. Jesus said: Love one another. You must love your neighbour as yourself. We are all brothers.

When Julian Lee moved to Portland in 2009, he thought hehad found one of the few remaining white cities in America.However his idyll was spoiled when Jewish fanatics posted stickers in his neighbourhood demanding that "racistactivity" bereported.On walks with his dog, "Pug", Lee found himselfaltering these missives to provide a messagemore to his liking.

"STICKER WARS" - ONE MAN'S PERSONAL CRUSADEWhen Julian Lee moved to Portland in 2009, he thought hehad found one of the few remaining white cities in America.However his idyll was spoiled when Jewish subversives posted stickers in his neighbourhood demanding that "racistactivity" bereported.

The above video is a clever mixture of fact and fiction. Radical Islam is supported by both the Zionist faction within the Deep State and the other people within the Deep State. The USA wants to use the Islamists against enemies such as Russia. Israel wants to use the Islamists to wreck Moslem countries such as Palestine, Egypt and Syria and thus allow the creation of Greater Israel.


The Apocalypse in the Middle East is being caused by the externalization of the fear of death.  Western peoples have been universally converted and wholly embraced the Roman pagan sun myth of Christianity, with this reworked sun-man-god myth they prospered with their egos delivered from the intense fear of non-existence.  But there was a downside, the last book of the Holy Bible, Revelations, is being acted out.  Thoughts are real things that manifest, collective thoughts are particularly powerful.


Nary one Christian has embraced their creative potential, because the myth memes teach total obedience to external authority, Christians are unable to intellectually grasp that their collective thoughts are creating the Apocalypse in the Middle East.  Instead, they fervently believe that the end time is manifesting just as predicted in the holy text.  But they are wrong about causality, God isn't making the Apocalypse happen, we are.

Christians are wrong about god, they have immature minds and their minds spell bound by the text:  no god cares what we do, no god commands us, no god has any desire for us.  Such ideas all have arrived to the modern age from ancient superstition when the human brain associated natural events with god.  Thunder and lightning were thought from an invisible, angry, external entity and plant, animals, even humans sacrificed to appease the angry deities imagined.


We got God all wrong says Neale Donald Walsch.  The best selling new age author, who has converted millions of people to his new version of god, says we got god completely wrong.  How wrong?  Catastrophically wrong, so wrong that we are creating a literal Apocalypse from our fear of death.  Millions of people are dying right now and the Christianized West completely denies their role in the tragedy because they are in religious denial of the creative power of thought.

Neale Walsch has single handily destroyed the Jewish notions about God.  In his latest work, 'God's Message to the World;  You've Got Me All Wrong' he list 17 notions about God we got so wrong that one might come to the conclusion our specie must be fatally flawed.  How could we have gotten every assumption about God wrong, and continued to get them wrong for thousands of years?


• God is to be feared.

• God may not even exist.

• God exists and is a superhuman male being.

• God demands obedience.

• God sees us as imperfect, and we may not return to God in an imperfect state.

• God requires us to believe in God, and to worship God in a specific way.

• God is vengeful and God’s love can turn to wrath.

• God was at war with the Devil, and that’s how this all began.

• God determines what is right and wrong.

• God’s forgiveness is required for us to get into heaven.

• God has a plan for us.

• God is on our side.

• God honors self-sacrifice, long-suffering (preferably in silence), and martyrdom.

• God sometimes answers our prayers and sometimes does not.

• God will reward us or punish us on Judgment Day.

• God wants us to return to heaven.

• God is separate from us.

Not one of these statements is true.


But that's not all.  Another book has emerged that has destroyed every notion we've had about Jesus and salvation.  First, the Jesus we've been taught was never a real person,  the New Testament was written by the Roman state, the Caesar (Titus) is the real Jesus, and the author of the original text is Josephus.  And all of the Gospel god spells were written after the sack of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.  We got the authors wrong!  We even got the timeline of the holy text authorship completely wrong!





Christians are so wrong about their myth, Joseph Atwill has been proved beyond all reasonable doubt that Jesus never even existed.  Whoa ranger!  Not only are our supernatural notions about the almighty wrong, but God's son never incarnated!    'Caesar's Messiah' is an important a book as the Book of Mark two millenia ago.  Christianity is a spell to quell the fears of the ego about death:

Once you fully wrap your mind around the truth about Christianity, that Jesus is fictional character in a reworked sun god myth – the mooring is cut between the belief in guaranteed salvation and you have to face up to your existence being a temporary thing.  Afterlife or not, you are going to die and not exist at least not in the flesh.  Your eventual death is coming and you know there is no magical way to cheat your way out of your own personal apocalypse once Jesus is extricated from your mind.  Jesus is a way for your ego to survive in this life, whatever happens to “you” after death has nothing to do with the man-god myth.

Jesus never hung on a cross for your sins, Jesus never existed, God never judged you, there's no hell and  no devil.  Every single idea about God is a misperception of reality.  We are a fail as a specie, we are now manifesting the Apocalypse like lemmings jumping off the cliff.


How is this even possible, how could we get god so wrong for two thousand years?  Have we been under a spell?  If so, how do spells work, shouldn't we be examining all of our other myths?  What about 911, the War of Terror, Sandy Hook?  Is the government spell binding the public with political myth?  Do governments and churches work together to keep us under spells so that they BOTH can work us over?


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