If there was a devil alive today his name would be Hal Lindsey, the greatest deceiver amongst all of the Christian Revengelicals. Hal Lindsey’s best selling book The Late Great Planet Earth is all about the antichrist over there in the European Union even though the real seat of Jewish military power is the United States.  It is obvious to all except the stubborn Evangelists who is doing the destroying in the Middle East, it is the United States military whored to Israel and Rothschild money power.


Hal Lindsey’s has created an end times scenario that doesn't criticize America or her role in the destruction, his timeline is piecemealed together from verses all over the Bible, his pro-Jewish logic prevents him from seeing the obvious.  Like most Christards, he can’t see that the end times nation aligned with Israel, “the hammer of the earth”, the world military super power laying waste to Iraq. Libya, Afghanistan, and Syria is Zionist Occupied America.

According to Lindsey, Babylon would be the hammer of the whole earth. What part of world wide US military super power that hammers the earth does he not understand? According to Lindsey, the United States would no longer be an actor during the end times tribulation period. What?  Apparently Lindsey has never heard of the Project for the New American Century that calls for full spectrum military dominance of planet earth for the next hundred years. The question who can make war with the beast identifies the beast.


I would say Hal Lindsey had more to do with the rise of the religious right and its support for Reagan and Bush than any other person. Hal Lindsey was instrumental in the creation of political support for the Evangelical right more so than any other useful idiot goyim preacher.  Hal Lindsey is the greatest asset of Jewish Zionist power that has completely taken over control of the United States because the vast majority are completely duped by televangelists like Hal Lindsey.

Not a day goes by that Hal Lindsey doesn’t sing praise for Israel, he even says Israel is our greatest ally, that same ally that attacked the USS Liberty, the same ally that pulled the 911 false flag that killed thousands. The Zionist Jews are literally destroying America through false flag terror and wars of aggression and that makes Hal Lindsey’s support for Israel treasonous.  It’s not a joke or an accident, the information is readily available, ignorance is no excuse, he is consciously supporting a criminal network of Jew terrorists.


Hal Lindsey is a regular on the Jewtube and that ought to tell you something.  The Jews completely control the broadcast media and they certainly are not going to allow any dissenting opinion.  He pretends to be a truth teller but he is actually the greatest deceiver, delivering hundreds of millions of Christian souls into belly of the Zionist beast. Is he an intelligence asset of Israel? Christian Zionist Hal Lindsey has never broached the subject of who actually did 911.

It is common knowledge that Israel was the instrumental player in dropping the trade towers, even the top brass in the US military admits that, but Hal Lindsey never talks about what really happened. He knows but does not say because he is a deceiver just like Satan, maybe Hal Lindsey is a minion Satan.  The problem with the televangelists is their perfect dishonesty when it comes to Jews and Israel.  They want Satan's money and they know what not to say, no TV preacher is ever going to condemn the murderous policies of the Jewish racists ethnically cleansing the Middle East.


Apparently Hal Lindsey is so completely blind he can’t see that the only nation that could possibly sign a security agreement with Israel would be the United States. According to him, it is the antichrist that would sign this covenant, but he can’t see that would make the President the antichrist. Hal Lindsey is a mouthpiece of the antichrist, a great deceiver, a false witness based on his own standards.

Hal Lindsey is a fire breathing, war mongering, Muslim hater without equal. The Zionists thank him, there is no greater useful idiot for the Jews and their diabolical state than Hal Lindsey. What Hal Lindsey will never comprehend that he is a tool that will be disposed of when the Jews turn on America, Babylon the Great.  Hal Lindsey is spellbound by his faith, he can not see the Jewish enemy taking us down, he is completely brainwashed and a serious threat to the security of the American people.


Hal Lindsey is a Christian gone over to the evil side, the leader of apostate Christianity, the thought leader who is re-creating the Apocalypse be he was so successful in promoting the Evangelical timeline of end times destruction. What Hal Lindsey will never understand that he was the primary mind who created a modern apocalypse in the Middle East that has killed millions.  Hal Lindsey is part and parcel part of the massive bloodletting, by not telling the truth his soul is karmically entwined in the death and destruction.  If there is an afterlife hell, then Hal Lindsey has a front row seat.

Hal Lindsey knows by heart the parable of the mustard seed but can’t see that his “perfect faith” is a powerful creative force that got millions of like minds to resonate the same thoughts and thus create a huge morphogenic field of apocalyptic resonance. Hal Lindsey would deny what I am saying but at the same time lead Christians in group prayer. He believes in prayer yet can not see that if you have to pray to manifest then that means you are doing it, he can not see that his writings are no different than prayer.


In a Veterans Today essay I lay it online about this apostate retard:

"Hal Lindsey is helping god kill everything, the fruits of his labor is widespread terror and death, Hal is terrorizing the world with his faith and making a bloody mess, the will of USIsrael is the will of Hal Lindsey, the state is acting out the end times program. The Bible literalist makes the supreme logical error (caused by internal dishonesty from the belief system) of using circular reasoning as proof of the Bible’s accuracy. The believer claims the Bible is true because the Bible says its true.

Truth rests on its own laurels, if god was true he doesn’t need help or your money. The proof is in the pudding, the so called believers, or god’s little helpers, are the ones passing out pamphlets usurping the divine. If you actually believed in an all powerful and all knowing deity who created every single thing in this Universe then what gives you the right to proselytize on its behalf or say that you represent it? If god was real, omnipresent and omnipotent then why would god need help from mortals? God needs help because god is a meme.


What makes Hal Lindsey so dangerous is what he believes and his ability to memetically infect others.(5) Hal Lindsey is possessed by the Bible, he believes the Bible literal, he believes that the Bible is the inerrant word of god. Jesus is coming back any day and we must prepare our souls for a great harvest, make the world ready for the return of god (never mind the contradiction that god is already omnipresent). This apocalyptic fervor is a common theme in Western history, for thousands of years it has been believed that Jesus would return in the lifetime of the believer. It is also a major indicator that Western culture is so traumatic that its captives want out. We need to change.

Hal Lindsey is helping Jesus return, and oh boy, what a world Jesus might return to, a Jewish supremacist run hell, and Hal Lindsey hasn’t met a Jew he doesn’t adore. Do you see the great irony of this tragedy? Hal Lindsey is channeling hell while reaching for heaven. We are in the Tribulation and will continue to experience apocalyptic conditions, which has been going on for decades, until this end times lunacy is transcended. The end times zealot will never see their actions as causal and they always project the Tribulation into the near future, the more fervent the believer the closer the projection."


What does Wikipedia say about his best seller?

The Late, Great Planet Earth is a treatment of literalist, premillennial, dispensational eschatology. As such, it compared end-time prophecies in the Bible with then-current events in an attempt to broadly predict future scenarios leading to the rapture of believers before the tribulation and Second Coming of Christ to establish his thousand-year (i.e. millennial) Kingdom on Earth. Focusing on key passages in the books of Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation, Lindsey originally suggested the possibility that these climactic events might play out in the 1980s, which he interpreted as one generation from the foundation of modern Israel in 1948, a pivotal event in some conservative evangelical schools of eschatological thought.

As Joseph Atwill points out the New Testament writer Josephus used typology to repeat the workings of Old Testament stories into New Testament myth.  Old myth was respun into new myth.  One of Hal Lindsey's great mistakes was to assume that God wrote the Bible.  Deceptive priests wrote the Bible, they took old stories that worked and reused them, they were careful not to make it to obvious.

daniel and revelation

According to Hal Lindsey, the parallels between Old Testament prophecies and Revelation was the work of the omniscient creator god.  But is wasn't god at all, it was Josephus under commission of Vespasian.  Josephus had to produce the Gospels in double time under the emporer, and to make his deadlines he borrowed the names and stories from the older text to pen the new text.


Christians have proven their ability to keep the Christ myth alive by denying all rational evidence that the Bible can not be taken literal.   If humans evolved over millions of years then the Adam and Eve story in Genesis can't possibly be true, it is a pre-scientific cultural myth.  Likewise, geologists have determined the source of the flood myth, the 10,000 year melting of the last great ice age 18,000 years before present lead to a sea level rise of 120 meters.


Since the end never comes the god lobby has been getting very impatient, in recent years Evangelicals lacking faith have been actively lobbying for politicians who start wars. Their logic is if they make things bad enough then Jesus has to come back.  Believe it or not, the Revengelicals are actual trying to force the Jesus god to return and during these wars, they deny their role as trouble makers!

We are in it now, wars without end. Why? Because our culture’s holy book says “for those things must take place“. This is a form of predictive programming, the Bible is teaching that war is inevitable because god saw the future and it is war, lots of wars:

Matthew 24-6  (New American Standard Bible (©1995)

“You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end.”

If I get you to believe that to be true then you will vote to make it true. Voting for warmongers makes the Bible come true, so we vote for warmongers who make war and then we affirm the validity of the Bible. We just proved that our myths are valid and we are not collectively crazy. That is how the game is played. What is going on is a self fulfilling feedback loop, and the worse it gets the more convinced the players are that it is real and they use this self generated negativity in convincing others that prophecy is coming true.


How did Hal Lindsey do it? His strong will and unwavering faith. Faith can move mountains and in this case Hal Lindsey’s near perfect faith moved America from a free country into a Zionist police state. Hal Lindsey was primarily responsible for allowing the Zionist terror machine to set up camp in America, we are careening toward a new dark age unless the Zionist movement is stopped. The survival of the human specie is now threatened by the works of Hal Lindsey and the huge Bible prophecy movement cashing in on his success with his best seller "The Late Great Planet Earth".


(Left. Naomi Klein. The Schlock Doctrine.)Jewish central bankers have always used socialismand communismto usurp the wealth of the goyim underthe pretext of helping the poor. There has never been shortage of Jewish dupes like anti-capitalistfirebrand,Naomi Klein,willing to help them."Hamish" summarizes Miles Mathis' view thatNaomi Kleinis hyped by the media because she diverts the energies ofleftist do-gooders.


Humans have the power to consciously manifest their desires and needs.  Most of the time they do it unconsciously or through a god proxy via prayer, but they have the potential to do it directly, without help, intentionally.  The truth is the power is within you, you are the one doing it, prayer is simply manifesting without being conscious of your own power.

words in the bible are god

Christians say the Bible is the word of God, but there is no provable external god.  So what are they really saying?  The Bible words are "the god".  This is important to understand, because what you believe limits your reality.  If you believe there are limitations on what you can get, your personal power has been checkmated.

You can have anything you want or desire, there is no god deciding what you can have.  You are the decider!  You can manifest without limits or believe that god has a plan or is putting restrictions on you.  You can manifest anything, but if believe that you should only pray for godly things defined in the Bible then your innermost desires will remain unfulfilled.


When Christians pray, not knowing their own thought power, they pray in terms of a proxy, usually Jesus.  Not believing in their selves, they pray in terms of Jesus, which they do believe, thus increasing the power of their prayer via an avatar.  Jesus is the magic wand of the believer.

Jesus never existed, god doesn't care what you do, because god is the life force tapped by the human mind. God is NOT what the Bible says.  The Holy Bible is a giant Jewish deception on the human mind. The omnipotent god Yahweh is a concept in your mind, a deadly meme, an idea that an external being has all the power, not you.  You are being taught that god has the power, not you.

manifestation by proxy bible quote

Anyone can manifest, an atheist can manifest better than a Christian using the Jesus avatar, if the atheist knows the power of the mind. Every single conscious being has the power to manifest, regardless of belief.  Every Hindu can manifest, every atheist can manifest, manifestation is a gift created by self awareness.

Theists, trying to gain power over the population will try to stop you from realizing your own power.  In order for the Christian to stop you from believing in yourself, the Christian uses the Jewish trick condemning your power as demonic or Satanic, demonizing anyone who doesn't do it their way for their purpose.  The Holy Bible is a book full of metaphysical lies, the reader has no idea that they are bing indoctrinated into a helpless sheep who needs the priest's god.

Holy Bible most evil book ever written but consider the good book

What is very evil about Christians is how they use prayer, to force everyone in compliance with Bible code.  Jewish control is evil, it destroys life. Humans must have freedom to fully express themselves, the Jew is busy exploiting the goy with legal restrictions.  In order to feed on you, the Jew must control you.  The Jew does everything to strip you of all your personal power.

The Bible recruits the believer in defending the book, Jews, and salvation doctrine.  Christians pray to convert others to the faith.  But what it is really going on the believer is possessed by the text and is working on behalf of Jewish power, cut off from their creativity, believers are the memetic possessed robots of a Jewish book.  Christians are Bible robots enforcing Jewish legal code.


For instance the Jewish concept of state, the exclusive right of the state to use force is the cause of most death on the planet.  The American state, controlled by Zionist Jews, have killed 55 million since the end of World War 2.  You are the cattle for the Jew to exploit, and the Jew gets this power over you with your Biblical belief.

Combine British-American aggression that with the Communist state and you get the idea of magnitude of Jewish evil being implemented by Jewish memes.  The state is a manifestation of religious code, according to their books, god ordained the government amongst men, and that it is your duty to obey the state because god created it.

holy bible instruction manual in evil

Because of the Bible, most of the west can not conceive of living outside of the state, thus most people are in the deadly deception of living under government control.  This has allowed the states to organize into megalithic structures now slaved to the Jewish World Order of death and destruction.

The creative potential of world is slaved to insane governments and the Jewish World Order.  The result is that human potential is being used to destroy, human intention skewed to Holy Bible memes of dominance, war, and destruction.  Jews have captured much of the world with their book and the result is deadly.


Men who wanted power created governmental organizations using religion to brainwashing the sheep into compliance.  The Jewish state, is a state of mind, the idea that some men can use force on others.  No greater example of the deprivation of the Jewish state (of mind) is Israel.  The omnipotent state, a mimic of Yahweh, cuts off creativity of those slaved to the welfare system.

Human creativity is being interfered with, humans are being corralled in Bible stock yards, unable to see that they are divine beings with huge creative potential.  Most of humanity uses their creative ability to build robots and drones, armaments for Jewish instigated wars.  Believers are enlisted in maintaining the Jewish power structures by dominating the rest of society.

Brilliant Ezra Pound, light years ahead of most minds, pointed out the excesses of religion, like bell ringing.  The bell ringing and loudspeakers of the believers is intentional, it is not pointless at all, it is the use of force, the interference of religion into everyone's lives.


Bellringing is one of the many things religions use to force compliance.  Christians and other religious people often pray to force society into compliance with religious code, prayer is preying on others with thought power. Praying for outcome is preying on others, a form of black magic.  Christians decry black magic but practice it en masse.

christian using will via prayer to force bible memes on everyone else

God is a meme, but it also is an imaginary being of humans manifesting.  Humans are now gaining awareness of god's limitations, challenging the long held ideas that god cares or controls the world.  God does nothing and god doesn't care because the god of the Bible is a delusion.

Christians are doing something - forcing the Bible down your throat - forcing you to accept Jewish rule.  Christians think they are doing good, but they are assisting in Jewish evil.  You must become aware of this and put a stop to Judeo-Christian evil.  Religious bell ringing is evil and must be stopped.

Evil can only exist if you allow it to exist, if you stand down in front of Jewish evil thinking god will intervene, you are under the Bible delusion of omnipotent god.  Thus it is important for you to realize your own creative power and take on the Jew and save humanity from extinction.


It is important for humanity to graduate from Bible deceptions and come out of the Bible spell.  We are the ones doing the creating, and we need to learn respect for other peoples intentions.  Bell ringing must stop, no nation should be under the thumb of religious zealots.

All people have the right to manifest their innermost heartfelt desires and should not be forced into religious codes of extremism like the Jewish concept of total war.  We should be allowed to manifest love and not spend our time killing the brown skinned man in far off places like Vietnam or Iraq.


Brian Ruhe is Canada's leading critic of Jewish power, on YouTube. Brian is a Buddhist truth activist and occasional troublemaker. He was fired in Sept. 2016...

"I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Judahites, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan." (Revelation 2:9)The Satanist conspiracy that has subverted mankind may be over 2000 years old.130 years before Christ was born, there was a final battle with the Edomites who lived in the neighbouring land (Edom/Idumea) to Judea.


What is God's will as defined by the Holy Bible?  It is the will of the Jew. The Holy Bible is the greatest deception in all of literature, because the Rabbinic priest convinced you that not only does God have will, he will use it against you if you don't obey his commands.  But that the God out there isn't out there and that God is an inward experience in one's own consciousness, God doesn't have any 'will' for you.  You have will because you have desires and intentions, not god.


God doesn't have any will for you, nor does god judge you in this or the next life, those assertions are lies of the priest.  The priest has built a theology around belief that gives him power, the Rabbi has convinced you of a needy god that has will and desires.  But how is that possible if god is everything and already has everything?  How could god want something and not have it wonders Neale Donald Walsch:

"Two of the Ten Illusions of Humans are:

Judgment exists.

Condemnation exists.

These ideas are man-made. No such constructions exist in the mind of God. That is because these ideas about God arise out of a basic misunderstanding found in an earlier idea about God, which is that God is separate from us.   (Disunity exists.)

If God was not separate from us, God could not judge us because, of course, God would be judging herself. If God was not separate from us, God could not condemn us, because, again, God would be condemning himself.

Even if God were separate from us, God would have no reason to punish us unless there was something specific that God demanded that we do or not do. This, too, is an illusion. (Requirement exists.)

The last illusion is based on an even earlier idea that the reason God has placed requirements on us is that God needs something from us in order to be happy. (Need exists.)

Nothing could be further from the truth. God requires nothing of us. For more on this concept, you may find it wonderful to re-read The New Revelations.   This is one of the most important books in the entire With God series, in my view. It should be read by everyone. And you may wish to read it again, because it makes it very clear that God needs nothing from humanity. A "needy" God is just not part of the Cosmic Reality."

There is no hell and no afterlife judgment.  These are terrible ideas born of power hungry priests using fear of death to manipulate your mind.  Since humans are self aware they are worried about death. The fear of not existing is the driving force behind religion - the priest convinces you that you don't die when you die.  and that the Jewish priest was attempting to hijack that experience by aligning your will with the will of the court and the priest.


The sales job of the priest is to promise heaven but only under certain conditions.  The priest says you must obey his god or some await a terrible fate - the judgment of a willful god that the priest describes in his holy book.  This threat of hell is not real, but it is how the priest captures the fearful sheep into his fold.

This is a critical point that must be discussed, religions insist you must obey God's will and that this external God has a plan for you.  But there is no external God, God isn't out there, that was only an illusion we entertained as we awoke in the matrix.  Everything changes once you see that God is part of you and is your inward experience.


You are interacting with the Universe via your consciousness.  This communication is your conversation with God.  This being isn't Jesus or Jehovah or any other invented God.  It is you, it is your higher consciousness regardless of the label assigned to it.  There is no other way to say it, god has to be you.

Your will is God's will unless you believe the lies of the Jewish written Bible, where you align with the will of the priest (or the modern state) by believing that an external God has a plan for you.  This is the real hell that you can experience as you give up your own life for the murdering Jew psychopaths and their nation-states they control.  Nature allows parasites and Jews are filling that role in a sea of humanity, they are a predator race.


So what are the Christians doing when they pray to Jesus and say they want to implement his will?  Since Jesus doesn't exist, who's will are they actually aligning with?  They are aligned with their interpretation of Bible text and thus aligned with the writer of that text, the Jewish priest.


Christians are organized Gentiles helping put Jewish control over everyone - including all those who don't believe, who do not like authority and love freedom.  There is no escaping the logic - the Holy Bible is the enemy of freedom and thus the enemy of what America used to stand for - liberty.

So for all those patriots and freedom lovers that want to escape Jewish control, it is imperative to not believe the Holy Bible literal. It is important to be aware the Holy Bible is a tool of the priest to achieve dominion over you and to get political power.  The Bible is the enemy of your freedom.  The Jew is trying to take all of your freedom and liberty and with the Holy Bible he has taken your mind as well.


The Jews have been busy destroying creation with their endless contrived wars based on a never ending string of false flags, have you ever wondered how they pulled this off when virtually no one wants these wars?  How did the Jews achieve power and hoodwink the world into carrying out their demented plans of world conquest?  How are they able to terrorize us in broad daylight and we do nothing in response?

They did it with their book, they were able to project their collective will into this realm by writing about a god who destroys their enemies and got you religiously hooked by aligning your will with theirs, now we are fighting the enemies of Judea instead of fighting them.  We are fighting the wrong enemy because of the memetic infection called Christianity.


Western Europeans were converted to Christianity, a Jewish religion that converts Gentiles to Judaism, Christians, for all intensive purposes, are Jews.  The vast majority of Americans believe this myth, they have been indoctrinated and believe in the Jewish messiah Jesus and many believe we are in the end times.  Christians are in on it with Jews, thus they are unable to resist.  The Jews colonized the Gentile minds with their book.

The Jews also sold the world view via their book and tax breaks to snake oil salesmen turned preachers.  They sold their book of doom and got the entire western world to believe in their version of god, a vengeful wrathful war god as the all powerful god of creation.  We have been brainwashed to help the Jew fight his wars of domination because we believe this is what god wants.

Except is was never so, there is no god that wants anything from us.  Our noble spirit has been used for evil, our pursuit of justice overturned by Jewish dementia of terror, our civilization is now in ruins because of Jewish control and it is going to get much worse.  We are fallen angels who tried to reach for the promise of eternal life and fell short and have fallen into the pits of Jewish darkness.

Bible prophecy coming true because believers are making it come true

This god of wrath doesn't actually exist, but the Jew was able to get you to believe in his version of god and was able to get you to play along.  The result is our present reality, a world in chaos, endless war by god's 'chosen ones'.  The entire problem is within ourselves, the Jews just need to be killed but we won't because the Jews psychically own us because of the Bible myth.

The sad reality of our world is the Bible made manifest by believers, not as fulfillment of prophecy, but by the will of the believers.  The Jew will keep destroying every part of creation so long as everyone keeps believing, and the sad part of this is that the memeplex has generated a feedback loop whereby more belief occurs as destruction goes up.  The closer we approach total annihilation the more we believe Jesus will return.  But Jesus can't because he 's a literary creation of Josephus, a Jewish sun god messiah invented by the Roman patriarchs to control Judea in the first century A.D.

How did the Jews dupe the Goyim into fighting their wars?  They sold the book to the gentle peoples with the promise of eternal life.  God rewards those that obey and punishes the non-believer.  If you obey you gain entry into heaven, if you don't you burn in hell.  With that motivation most people go along with being obedient, for to go against god or the Jew or Israel is to face eternal doom.


In the Holy Bible are control memes, God commands his people to kill the non-believers, he is jealous and full of rage, you must help him tear down the opponents of Jewish civilization.  Here is a typical passage from the evil Jew book you call the Holy Bible, Nahum 1 (NIV):

2The Lord is a jealous God,

filled with vengeance and rage.

He takes revenge on all who oppose him

and continues to rage against his enemies!

3The Lord is slow to get angry, but his power is great,

and he never lets the guilty go unpunished.

He displays his power in the whirlwind and the storm.

The billowing clouds are the dust beneath his feet.

4At his command the oceans dry up,

and the rivers disappear.

The lush pastures of Bashan and Carmel fade,

and the green forests of Lebanon wither.

5In his presence the mountains quake,

and the hills melt away;

the earth trembles,

and its people are destroyed.

6Who can stand before his fierce anger?

Who can survive his burning fury?

His rage blazes forth like fire,

and the mountains crumble to dust in his presence.

Do you believe these are the words of god?  They are words written by men trying to persuade you to accept their version of reality - war.  Wage war for god.  Those that believe and follow the Bible end up being denied heaven, they produce hell on earth, the kingdom of heaven escapes their grasp, they instead create a very real hell on earth as they follow the commands of Yahweh.


There is no external god, there is no wrathful or jealous god, there is no destroying creator.  But there is this destroying Hebrew tribe feigning to be be representatives of god - the creator god.  Does a destroying creator god make any sense to you?  It shouldn't unless you are spelled by the Bible because that book equates the war god with the creator god.

It makes no sense whatsoever that a creator destroys his perfect creation.  The omniscient creator god can not and will not destroy his creation because it would have been perfect the first time because of His 'all knowingness' - but the Bible claims otherwise, the Rabbinic book says God is a destroyer god who does destroy creation in order to fix mistakes.  God didn't get it right the first time so he sent a flood and killed everything except for those that obeyed.


But it is only a claim in a book that the destroyer Jew god is willing to destroy creation.  Why is that?   Simple!  The book is written by a destroyer race-tribe, the Bible is a book written by a plundering tribe of miscreants who are the ones doing the destroying but claiming divine origin.  Noah's Ark is a story, not reality, it is myth meant to get you to obey the Jew god - which is really obeying the tribe.

Who is actually doing the destroying?  God - as the book claim - or the tribe?   It is obviously the god loathing Hebrews that does the actual killing.  The god part is only the claim, only the words in the book.  The destroyer is man, not god.  God is a memetic trick of the priest to gain absolute authority and trick the common man into war.  The flood took 10,000 years, the ice took ten thousand years to melt, the Bible flood story is not true but for some reason people keep believing and believing like they're in some sort of spell.


Many passages from the Jew book are being acted out right now, the destruction of Syria and Ukraine is just like a Biblical passage.  The destruction is not happening in Thailand or India or those places where the people have some other religion.  The destruction is where the Jews have dominance, where the Jewish Bible is widely read and believed.  The Jews have achieved dominance with their black magic spells in the Holy Bible.

The deceiving priest parasite is currently wrecking everything in the material plane and is even trying to subvert your very soul, for our culture to keep believing in the Holy Bible spells doom for us.  We must evolve and go to a higher consciousness and leave the superstitions of angry gods behind for our very survival.  We must completely reject the Jew construct of reality.


Christians can not see the obvious, that their faith is the cause of their ruin.  Take for instance the Vietnam aggression is by the Judeo-Christian culture, it wasn't the Buddhists making the bombing runs, it was Jews and Christians in those aircraft, it was by a culture obsessed with getting to god, a monotheistic fascist culture damned to get to heaven no matter who they had to kill.  We killed millions in Vietnam for no reason whatsoever, but we obeyed the Jew.  We had to obey because our Jewish god demands loyalty.

So as the war dragged on some of us protested, we burned our draft cards, we assembled and said hell no, but there was so much resistance from behind, by the loyalists to power, by the believers in state authority.  The state is a myth created by belief in god, no god appoints authority over us, Romans 13 is an evil lie.  The Holy Bible has established a monstrous lie in the minds of the American people that they obey their Jewish masters right up to the bitter end.

George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush

No matter how we tried to stop the insanity the band played on, the church-state expanded its authority, it then waged the drug war and ruined millions of lives trying to stop drugs, while the banksters and the Bush family made billions controlling the drug trade.  They won, they did 911 and won again.  Now they are waging a terror war on us - all because we believe in authority.

The Bible says God established authority.  Take a look at  your authorities, do they look godly to you?  If not why don't you get a torch and burn down the churches that teach that crap?  The authorities are mass murderers, criminals, they are insane psychopaths that need to be immediately killed.  So what are you waiting for?  God?   No one is turning on the corrupt leadership because the masses are under total psychic dominance and are unable to resist criminal rule.


'Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord' meme is a Jewish supremacist meme, only the Jew and his state are allowed to seek vengeance an retribution.  You are not allowed to resist authority. No matter how debauched authority becomes you are still commanded not to resist.  That is the purpose of the myth, to psychically control you for political purpose, Christianity is a spiritual bust, it has nothing to do with getting to heaven and Jesus is a deceptive meme of control.

The Christian is taught and commanded to forgive, the Jew to seek wrath and those two polar opposite memes are in play in the world today.  Billions of Christians watch idly as the Jew wolves tear up the world, they do nothing, the can not take on the evil destroying their society because they have been instructed to stand down and let god take vengeance.

stupid-goyim will nver figure out our secret weapon the holy bible

The Holy Bible is the secret weapon of the Jew, you learn their fake history, you forget your own history, you frame your reality in terms of a Bible story, you fight the wars for the Jews, you are committing the extreme sin of self sacrifice for the Jew because you are taught to be like the Jewish savior Jesus.  The Jew has completely duped you with his book, no god is seeking vengeance, only the Jew seeks to destroy the world as he builds the Jewish World Order.

As the world skids into nuclear World War 3, just remember it was you who played along with these devils, it was your own misgivings and fears that got you to play along.  Your fear of death was exploited because you wanted so badly to get into heaven, you did not want to be left behind.  Forget heaven and kill the Jew, that is your new command.  Only be destroying Jew evil can we get back to heaven.


The enemy Jew isn't only inside the gates, he is in your mind.  How hard is it for a Christian to go against the Jew, the Jew has established a beach head inside your head, the believer is terrified of offending god by offing the Jew.  This is the reason I believe that so many fundamentalist Christians deny Israels involvement in 911, they would rather kill Muslims than face the truth.

You obeyed the Jew and the result was the destruction of your race.  And even while we are in the "end times" the believers are even more fervent than ever, convinced that their self made creation is prophecy fulfillment.  Obedience and faith are the modern destroyer of the technological world, doing what you are told to do by the authorities is the highway to hell.  They'll be hope for the world when the Evangelicals leaders are strung up as traitors.


There is not enough time to wake up the masses to their fate, the Jews have won, by ratcheting up the Syrian war into WW3, they will bring down the entire modern world.  We could be only weeks away from nuclear war.  Praise Yahweh and pass the ammo, Jesus is coming, praise the Lord  Complete insanity has descended upon us because so many believe god has a plan as written by the Jew.  The Holy Bible is not a plan, it is a program code of our own destruction.


World events are clearly heading to some sort of big turning point in the coming weeks as can be seen by many events in the news and in the secret world. What is going on is that two massive rival factions vying for control of world power are entering the final round of their titanic struggle to control the financial system and thus process of deciding what humanity does in the future.

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