... John Coatman MBE - the Crusaders and Urban Saints Youth Group Leader - has been found guilty of sexually abusing a 14-yr old boy. Donald Wiseman worked for military intelligence. Wiseman worked with the Christian Crusaders organisation. He was leader of the class at Finchley, which included Cliff Richard.[14] CLIFF RICHARD is linked to the CRUSADERS and MILITARY INTELLIGENCE.

IfJames Wesley Howellwere a genuine terrorist, you'd think there'dbe onenews item about his case in the two-and-a-half-monthssince he was arrested June 12.There is avirtual news blackout and law enforcement refuses to answerinquiries. The mass media are too afraid to ask about Howell.

In response to "Why am I so anxious?" (Aug 19)"Fear tends to reinforce our separation from God. Fear = separation from God and the high self because we don't have faith that the source of the universe will provide for all we need.

Trump has said conflicting things. Trump has said about ISIS - Let our regional allies take the lead Let Russia take care of it Bomb the 'hell out of them' and take the oil fields Declare war and send in troops On his Muslim ban Exclude all Muslims Impose 'extreme vetting'

"CELTIC were facing disciplinary action after fans went ahead with threats of unfurling Palestinian flags against an Israeli team in the Champions League. "Despite warnings to avoid political gestures and the certainty that the club will be fined, some Celtic supporters raised Palestinian flags at the Scottish champions’ match against the champions of Israel, Hapoel Be’er Shiva." Celtic face fine after fans unfurl Palestinian flag at Israeli match.
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