Nathan Kirsh. In Swaziland, it would cost $85 million per year to reduce the poverty rate from 41% to 0%. Swaziland's richest man, Nathan Kirsh, is worth $4,300 million. Could a Few Billionaires Close the World's Poverty Gap? Kirsh's companies are registered in tax havens. Kirsh is the largest shareholder in, and is a director of, Magal Security Systems. Magal Security Systems is the main supplier of electronic fences for the illegal security fence project in the West Bank.

Why have most of the 9-11 Truthers ignored the obvious?No mere "terrorists" would have access tosecret technology thatturned millions of tons of steel,glass and concrete into dust in Thomas Porter( are ways to cover up Dr. Wood's research:1.) Create and promote unscientific alternate forms of destruction.

Roger Stone's friends Trump and Nixon. Some people mistakenly believe that Trump is opposed to the Deep State. Donald Trump is a Deep State actor. The Donald and The Deep State Trump's team is made up of Bankers, Bilderbergers and other Deep State actors. Trump's team includes: Steven Mnuchin (Goldman Sachs), Gary Cohn (Goldman Sachs), Steve Bannon (Goldman sachs), Dina Powell (Goldman Sachs), Wilbur Ross (Rothschilds), Betsy DeVos (Blackwater/XE), Rex Tillerson (Kissinger),
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