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On 21 October this site will go offline unless...

Therebel.is, its predecesor and sister sites would not have survived since 2005, without both the regular and casual financial contributions of its readers. At this stage, I am still short by US$752 for the balance of web hosting, software licencing and related expenses. They are due since 1 October and must be paid, after a second and last extension, by 21 October at the very latest, or my server will be erased and returned to the data center.

If you want therebel.is, sonnenrad.tv, rebelchat.org and allbuch.online to survive that final 21 October deadline, please use the donation form below and chip in as generously as you can. Please note that I receive payments via PayPal up to two weeks quicker. Many thanks to all my supporters who made the Rebel Site possible so far for  almost 11 years.

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