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Adolf, where are you? We need you....…

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Goebbels on the jewish media

Goebbels on the jewish media

Goebbels full speech

Joseph Goebbels Final Speech

Joseph Goebbels Final Speech

“We are not propagandizing lies and untruths as England did during the War, but rather we are preaching freedom and prosperity, socialism and patriotism to o...

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'I Tried To Stop It'

'I Tried To Stop It'

We are fed so many lies about what Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists tried to do. They were not seeking to take over the world. They aimed to destroy the Bolshevik beast and free our people.…

BREAKING: Official Set to Testify Against Hillary Found Dead

"His death was conveniently timed," said one source ...

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1. Honor no Gods but those of your own Folk, as alien gods destroy you. 2. Nature’s laws evidence the divine plan, as the natural world is the work of AllFather Odin. 3. Act nobly and courageously, always carefully considering the consequences of your actions, as the effects of your deeds live on after you pass from Midgard. 4. Live within the reality of this life; fear not your fate, as fear...

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Damage done to the bible by Antichrist Canaanite Jewry:

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Rebel of Oz shared a photo. 3 weeks ago…

There is no Business like Trump Business

American schools were taken over completely in every state of the US by Israelis with a false promise to "fix education" with "outomes-based" education. The…

Would you believe this? Yesterday, I posted this link on my personal facebook page that I'm only using to keep in touch with family and personal friends and former colleagues. In less than a day the link to this article just disappeared. Zip! Gone!

Exclusive: Google, Facebook quietly move toward automatic blocking of extremist videos

By Joseph Menn and Dustin Volz SAN FRANCISCO/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Some of the web’s biggest destinations for watching videos have quietly started using automation to…

I wouldn't be surprised if this was correct. However, I would neither be surprised if that police report was bullshit to vilify one of the greatest pop musicians ever because of his little disguised admiration for our beloved prophete, PBUH....

6 TERRIFYING WALMART Facts: 130000-Man ARMY, Omar Mateen Connection, Mass INTERNMENT, RFID Chips

6 TERRIFYING WALMART Facts: 130000-Man ARMY,...

New evidence points to facts that Walmart is connected to a government scheme: a plan to declare the martial state in the United States. In fact, Walmart sto...

FEMA CAMPS and WALMART: Your NWO Superstore (2016)

FEMA CAMPS and WALMART: Your NWO Superstore (2016)

Are you serious?? Must see this! Get update vision about the GOV'S Plan for New World Order on US. and Etc. BREAKING NEWS USA AND CANADA!! ! RED ALERT!!! MAR...

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Horrendous story. No wonder Americans won't give up their weapons. They'd be even crazier than I thought....

The "most evil regime ever in human history"? Hmmm.

Hitler's socks and ties going under the hammer in Germany

The sale, which includes a range of Nazi items, will be held on June 16 at the Hermann Historica auction house in the German city…

Trump is as real as a Shekel made in China

Trump's Groundbreaking Immigration Proposal

Trump's Groundbreaking Immigration Proposal

He is pushing overton window so hard right now!

I'm convinced the only reason why English joined the EU was to ensure that it will be a failure....

The Fox is waving a White Flag. WOW must watch this, she`s fired up and so should others. Judge Jeanine: Brexit is just the beginning

Judge Jeanine: Brexit is just the beginning

Judge Jeanine: Brexit is just the beginning

The world is changing and the elite establishment's days are numbered

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