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Yukon Jack added a reply in discussion God is Overrated 10 hours 3 minutes ago

quote: "Then at some unknown time -- not far in the future -- God will intervene to finally eliminate JEWS once and forever." Sorry Charlie, that common idea is the problem, no god is ever going to intervene, by believing that you'll do nothing about the problem....

UN SPEECH 2016: Obama And His Holy War on White Race Exposed !!! THE END OF OBAMA !!!

Glad to be back and I am so happy people still want to read what I have to say. I am now going to publish another book in real time on this site. I hope you all read and discuss my assertion that we are creating the Apocalypse right now by our cultural beliefs. Revelation is not prophecy so much as it is collective programming, what we believe we act out. No god is coming back to save us, no god h...

SurprisedWelcom back Yukon, Aman...

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buckster likes a reply in discussion The Apocalypse Unveiled: Introduction 2 days ago
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